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The AI money management app that automates and keeps your daily finances organized


Managing your finances can be confusing.

Security 256-bit Encryption We uses industry-standard encryption practices to ensure that your data is kept safe.

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Well, how it works?

Meet SPARQAN – your personal AI financial companion

SPARQAN helps you take control of your finances with a user-friendly dashboard that tracks bills and subscriptions, provides solutions to financial challenges, and optimizes your finances in real-time.

Adaptive budget system

SPARQAN creates personalized budgets for daily costs to large events, saving 15 hours per month and improving your financial knowledge.

Savings and Financial Goals Manager

Whether it’s tuition or a new car, SPARQAN steers you to financial success, automating savings and boosting them by daily tasks or major goals.

Real-time spending tracker

SPARQAN adapts to unexpected costs, helping you manage money and save 7% without changing how you live.

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